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geoff's Journal
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geoff's journal
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2005-07-11 15:14:12

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2005-03-19 09:34:33
goodmorning all.
  I'm glad yhis week has finished. All I can hope for is a better one than the last, being the optamisic pesamist that I am I think it will be. I'll have my kids over for easter this year and I got to say I am looking very forward to it.I'll be taking them up the coast so I hope the weather holds out to still be nice and toasty.I know this a journal is just for me but anyone who reads this how are you and welcome to my life. please don't hesitate to say hello.

Mood - good. it's saturday.
Music - blues brothers.
Edited - Never

2005-03-15 20:46:35
better day.
  yes it was a much much better day today. After yesterdays efforts I realy did't know how it was going to turn out. I just realised that I dribble a lot of crap don't I?? sorry. This is about the only way I get to talk openly to anyone, most of the time I just figure that other people have enough to worry about than to listen to me crap on. I'm sorry for any one who reads this but you must be a saddist to enjoy it. I truly do have alot of good days, I just seem to be having one of those months I suppose. talk to you all tomorow.

Mood - tired
Music - tv back ground.
Edited - Never

2005-03-14 21:40:51
bad day.had better.
why me?
  did you ever have one of those days that nothing went right? well one of those days kicked me right in the arse to-day. firstly my alarm didn't go off cause of a power outage, then a flat tyre on the way to work. Now at this stage don't you think I should have gone home and stayed in bed???? yep, me too. long story short lift broke down when i was in it, trapped for 4 hours with no one to talk to. I hope you all had a better day than I. any way tomorrow is another day, hopfuly it's a much better one. It can't be any worse.


Mood - somber
Music - blues.
Edited - Never

2005-03-12 22:14:52
first time writer.
here goes. Well i got fox put on today and i have to say that i think i have my money's worth already, not only did i get to see battlestar galactica but 3 episodes of the goodies in a row. Can you tell i lead a painful life???? Having a fulltime job of 12-16 hours a day and finding time for my two kids, small plesures of tv don't go astray. I don't know how old any of you are but 31 doesn't feel that old realy. Anyway I'm glad that i found this sight, it brings back good fun memories and emotions from when life seemed a whole lot simpler.

Mood - contently happy.
Music - most rock, mmm brisbane stuff.
Edited - Never

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