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Lax's Journal
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Lax's journal
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2005-05-22 01:00:37
I just posted a comment to the "Poll" in relation to who owns a Goodies T-shirt.  Then I thought - what happens to poll comments once the new poll starts? No idea!  They seem to vanish somewhere past Upper Cummbuctah West. And due to alcohol consumption and a certain irrational melancholy, I wanted this comment preserved.  The question on the previous poll post was, "Who is Rolf Harris? "  My reply:

"I can't believe I have achieved an age where the generational gap has developed to a point that a fellow Australian can ask "Who is Rolf Harris?"  I am 31. 

I saw Rolf Harris perform live (twice - and yes I know, is Rolf Harris really 'alive') in Mount Gambier in the late 1970's, I studied a painting he left for posterity in the back stage area of the Warrnambool Performing Arts Centre, and I feel I could have been one of "Two Little Boys".  I loved those Rolf 'Trust British Paints - Sure Can!' adds (does anyone else remember them?).

Half a bottle of Wild Turkey and I'm maudlin'  - apologies: but Rolf Harris, despite all ridicule since he went to the UK, used to be really, sincerely, genuinely ridiculous - and it was great."

Am somewhat happy now and have realised that typos I have made through out this (that I have tried to corrent) quite accurately resemble my speech.

Ah, Happy Days indeed!

Mood - Melancholic
Music - Nil.
Edited - 2005-05-22 01:01:51

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