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Clarion & Globe 208 is now here! (And 60 pages long too!)
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThe new 24th September issue of the Clarion and Globe has been sent out to all members on the C&G mailing list.  If you have not received your copy please contact me on

And if you have not been receiving any of the new editions or previous ones at all. Please contact the Technical Officer on (As I don't have access to the main computer to sort the issues out. Thanks!)

If you would like to have the The Goodies Fan Club newsletter, arrive in your inbox. Send a blank e-mail to and respond to the reply.  After that you will be on the mailing list.

You can also access this issue via Articles & Guides to your left.  OR Head to the new special 'Clarion and Globe Newsletters' box to your right.


Posted by Jenny_Gibbon at 24/09/2018 01:07 GMT
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Entertainment Focus review of "The Complete BBC Collection" DVD Box set
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThere's a nice review of the new Box Set (official release date tomorrow, 24 Sept) at

Posted by lisa at 23/09/2018 17:06 GMT
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Goodies interview on RadioTimes website to promote new DVD
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThe Radio Times website has an interview with The Goodies, to promote the 24th September UK release of "The Goodies: The Complete BBC Collection", at

Posted by lisa at 21/09/2018 14:51 GMT
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Live Q&A session from Post Office Tower - Monday 24th September 2018, 17.30 BST
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesFrom Network distributing's Twitter and Facebook page

To celebrate the release of The Goodies: The Complete BBC Collection on Monday, we're holding a special event - live from the BT Tower!
We've partnered with the British Comedy Guide for a Facebook live Q&A with all three Goodies at 17:30 BST, and we want your questions.

Posted by Jenny_Gibbon at 21/09/2018 00:00 GMT
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Goodies article in "The Weekly News" 22 Sept 2018 edition
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesI've been told that "The Weekly News" 22 Sept 2018 edition has a feature on The Goodies (and that they appear on part of the cover of this issue as well). 

I don't believe they have an online edition, so if any of our UK fans can scan and share a copy it would be appreciated.

Posted by lisa at 20/09/2018 18:23 GMT
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The Goodies:The Complete BBC Year's also Available for Pre-Orders via HMV
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesA late find but, You can also Pre order The Goodies:The Complete BBC Collection from Hmv.

Posted by Jenny_Gibbon at 19/09/2018 13:40 GMT
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Goodies News Spotting's for the Clarion and Globe.
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThis month's Clarion and Globe, is currently coming together. If you have any Goodies news spotting's please do send them into the C&G e-mail address

Issue 208 *should* be out next week. 😁

Posted by Jenny_Gibbon at 19/09/2018 08:53 GMT
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Goodies interview in "The Times" 18 Sept 2018 to promote new DVD
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThe Times Arts section has a great article about The Goodies in its 18 September issue.  The online version is available online at

User the "click here for more" link below to read the text of the article.

Posted by lisa at 19/09/2018 03:07 GMT
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upcoming Goodies interview to promote the 24th Sept DVD release
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThanks to Jenny for posting info about "The Goodies' interview in The Mail on Sunday on Sept 16th

Here are some other interviews to keep a watch for over the next week - let us know if you spot any others (particularly on the DVD release date, 24th Sept).

- The Scottish Mail on Sunday (probably appearing on 23rd Sept)
- The Times
- The Radio Times

TV/Radio on 24 Sept:
- ITV "This Morning" show on-air interview (probably between 10:30-11:30am)
- BBC Radio 4 "Front Row" (the show airs 19:15-19:45)
- BBC Radio 2 "Steve Wright in the Afternoon" (the show airs from 14:00-17:0

Also - BBC Radio 3's "Free Thinking" on 25 Sept

Posted by lisa at 17/09/2018 18:25 GMT
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The Goodies in Mail on Sunday's 'Event Magazine'
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThere is a huge spread in The Mail on Sunday's EVENT magazine containing a fantastic interview , with also The trio making the front page too.

Some great photos, including one with The Guys standing with (THEE) Trandem.

The interview is quite big for this feed, But I will post it up instead in the forum.

But here is the front page of 'EVENT'

Posted by Jenny_Gibbon at 15/09/2018 13:11 GMT
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