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Submit your questions to The Goodies...
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesFrom Graeme’s and Network DVD’s twitter feed.

... and they want your questions.
Send your question, together with your name, to:
Questions must be received by 29th May.

These will be put forward to the chaps on 7th June at Leicester Square, London, for ‘An Audience with The Goodies’

Posted by Jenny_Gibbon at 21/05/2018 02:59 GMT
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Message from The Goodies (sent from Leicester Square theatre box office)
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThis e-mail has been sent out to all ticket holders for this event. (And really only applies if you are attending ‘An Audience with The Goodies’ at Leicester Square on June 7th. )

But it deserves putting here non the less...


... and we want your questions.

We’re the Goodies, how d’you do. And we’ll be coming to Leicester Square (all right, we know that doesn’t rhyme, but who said it had to?)

As you know – well you should know, you’ve bought a ticket – we, The Goodies, will be appearing at Leicester Square Theatre on 7 June, 2018 (and a bit) at a special event entitled An Audience With The Goodies.

We’re providing the Goodies (naturally). And you’re providing the audience. As a member of that audience, we know you’re just burning to ask us a question. It could be anything at all... Is Bill a glove puppet? Where do Bush Babies come from? What’s our favourite brand of black pudding?*... actually, those are pretty rotten questions, and you’re sure to have some better ones to ask.

The whole event is being filmed, and to ensure it all runs smoothly, we need advance notice of your question. This will save you the bother of putting your hand in the air (you can put it anywhere you like, really, within reason). It also means that the people doing the filming can ensure everything runs like clockwork... just like their cameras.

You’re probably thinking this is just a ruse to allow us to mug up the answers in advance and appear ever so erudite and intellectual on the night. Well, you’d be right, apart from Graeme who already knows what you’re going to ask thanks to his computer. Imagine a silly version of Question Time, with us as the panel... no, we can’t imagine that either.

Just like the real Question Time, your face will probably be seen on camera when we prompt you to ask your question. So you’ll be almost as famous as we are.

Obviously, we can’t guarantee that everyone who sends in a question will be able to ask it on the night, but we’ll do our best. We are The Goodies, after all...

Right, over to you...

Give me an ooh... or rather, just send us your question, together with your name and seat number to:

Questions must be received by 25 May... so you've got until then to think up some really hard ones!

*Don’t ask this, as we already know the answer: Peckinpah’s Perfect Puddings (none blacker)

See you on the 7th!

Tim, Graeme & Bill

Posted by Jenny_Gibbon at 12/05/2018 00:04 GMT
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1st recording announced for Summer 2018 series of "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue"
more from same (British Comedy)
British ComedyThe first recording for the Summer 2018 series of ISIHAC has been announced.  Here are the details plus other news from the latest official ISIHAC newsletter:


Dear I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue Mailing List Member,

Here are details of the first recording in the Summer 2018 series of “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue”:

The recording will take place as follows:

Saturday 26 May 2018 at the Leeds City Varieties Music Hall. This will be a double recording of the show (i.e. 2 programmes will be recorded) for broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Tickets will be priced at £6.00 (this price includes the theatre’s levy and booking fee)  and are obtainable from 10am on Thursday 10th  May  for theatre members and mailing list subscribers. To access earlybird tickets please use the code CLUE2018 or quote it for telephone bookings. Tickets will go on general sale on Friday 11th May. Tickets are available to purchase in person via the theatre’s Box Office, by telephone on 0113 243 0808, or online via the theatre’s website at

For those wishing to purchase tickets in person, the address is: City Varieties Music Hall, Swan Street, Leeds LS1 6LW. The Box Office opening times are Monday to Saturday from 10am-6pm, and 10am – 4pm on Saturdays.

The recording starts at 7.30pm and will be finished around 10.30pm. Tickets will be limited to a strict maximum of 4 per applicant, by whatever booking system. Demand for tickets is very great, so you are advised to purchase early to avoid disappointment; you should also allow for queue waiting times for the Box Office, either by phone or in person, to be longer than usual.

The 69th series will begin transmission on Radio 4 from Monday 25th June at 6.30pm

A big thank you to everyone who came to recordings Graeme’s and my TV show ‘The Imitation Game’ with Rory Bremner, Debra Stephenson and Alexander Armstrong.  It is due for broadcast on ITV in September.

In other news, Radio 4 stalwart and Clue regular John Finnemore will be touring his first ever live stage show, which is entitled ‘John Finnemore's Flying Visit’, throughout May-June.  It features the cast of ‘John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme’ performing brand new and old sketches as well as a host of songs. There are still tickets remaining for the following shows:

18th May - High Wycombe - Wycombe Swan
20th May - Hastings - White Rock Theatre
21st May - Preston - Preston Guildhall
22nd May - York - Grand Opera House
30th May - Birmingham - New Alexandra Theatre
6th June - Swindon - Wyvern Theatre
8th June - Tunbridge Wells - Assembly Hall Theatre
10th June - Dorking - Dorking Halls
13th June - Basingstoke - Basingstoke Anvil

All John’s shows start at 7.30pm and finish around 10pm (with a 20 minute interval). The show is kid friendly, so bring the whole family along. Full details of the tour can be found on John’s website.

With best wishes

Jon Naismith
Producer, "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue"

Posted by lisa at 02/05/2018 15:30 GMT
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C&G April/May 203 Now Here!
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThe new April/May 2018 issue of the Clarion and Globe has been sent out to all members on the C&G mailing list.  If you have not received your copy please contact me on

And if you have not been receiving any of the new editions or previous ones at all. Please contact the Technical Officer on (As I don't have access to the main computer to sort the issues out. Thanks!)

If you would like to have the The Goodies Fan Club newsletter, arrive in your inbox. Send a blank e-mail to and respond to the reply.  After that you will be on the mailing list.

You can also find a copy of the latest C&G in Articles and Guides, to your

Edit:  If members have changed their e-mail addresses since the last issue of Clarion & Globe in November 2012.  You need to re-subscribe to the mailing list.  Just follow the same above instruction on how to do this. Then (if possible) remove the old e-mail address of the list. By sending an e-mail to using your old address, and reply to the confirmation email that it will send to you at your old address. - (If you don’t want new owners receiving newsletters too).

If you want to be manually removed from the mailing list please contact


Posted by Jenny_Gibbon at 26/04/2018 01:41 GMT
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upcoming TV & radio shows of interest to Goodies fans
more from same (British Comedy)
British Comedy* Monday, April 23rd – The Unbelievable Truth on BBC Radio 4 series 20 episode 4 features Graeme’s 2nd appearance this season.  The currently available previous episodes can be found at  At the time of this posting that includes episode 1 which also has Graeme in the cast

* Sunday, April 29th – Pointless on BBC 1 at 16:50 is a repeat of an episode with Bill Oddie (series information at

* Thursday, May 3rd – QI on Dave is a repeat of series 4, episode 10 with Graeme.

Currently on BBC iPlayer:

* Douglas Adams – A Celebration” which includes the panto “Black Cinderella Two Goes East - or Confessions Of A Glass Slipper Tryer Onner” whose cast includes  Peter Cook, John Cleese, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Rob Buckman, Graeme Garden, David Hatch, Maggie Henderson, Jo Kendall, Richard Murdoch, Bill Oddie, John Pardoe and Richard Baker.

* The Motion Show series 3, hosted by Graeme, is being repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Fridays; the currently available episodes can be found at

* I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again repeats (with all three Goodies) on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Fridays; the most recent episodes are available from

* Ed Byrne's Tweet Takeover, Pt 1 (, which includes Bill talking about Cetti’s Warbler

* Martin Nobel’s Tweet of the ”Week, Pt 1 (, which should be available after April 22nd, includes Bill talking about the Blackbird

Posted by lisa at 20/04/2018 21:08 GMT
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